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General Description & Features...

  • Competitive and attractive retail prices that add value and save money for everyday consumers.

  • General merchandise products that people need, want and use on a daily bases.

  • Wide assortment of products in several major categories.

  • Products manufactured and imported not only from South East Asia but also made in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan and many others countries.

  • Well recognized store name. The store belongs to the same family of stores across the entire country where we operate. DolarPlus® is a registered trademark in all 28 countries of the European Union. Click to see: DolarPlus® EU Trademark.

  • Nationwide advertising and marketing program for all retail stores located in each respective country.

  • Establishment of DolarPlus® Foundation. The primary focus of DolarPlus® Foundation will be to help terminally ill children, children living in and cared for in orphanages. DolarPlus® Foundation will also provide financial support for shelters caring for domestic and wild animals.

  • Easy to conduct and manage business. DolarPlus® requires only a small number of sale's staff. There is no need for extensive training programs for new employees.

  • DolarPlus® stores will have a positive economic impact by creating local employment opportunities. We are committed to give preferences in hiring single women with children who are struggling to find suitable employment.

  • DolarPlus® will be actively involved in variety of social activities in local communities and supporting projects that are designed to benefit people residing in their respective communities. Community involvement will add to our stores reputation and create stronger customers loyalty.

We strongly believe that DolarPlus® stores will become a common household name in Central and Eastern Europe in the near future. Click on the following link: DOLARPLUS STORES-LOCATIONS to see the examples of sample future stores locations.

Curently, Ravena International LLC is offering an investment opportunity in DolarPlus® retail stores to the general public. This public investment offer ends August, 2016. For detail information view: THE INVESTMENT PRESENTATION

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