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Sample Pictures of Future DolarPlus® Stores in Europe

Interior View

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Store checkout

Store checkout

Assorted Frames

Baskets & Glassware


Cleaning Products

Cleaning Supplies


Mugs & Glassware

Greeting Cards

Silk Artificial Flowers


Household Consumable

Kitchen Gadgets

Linens & Towels

Plastic Containers

Party Supplies

Toys & Games

Electronic & Electrical

Pet Supplies

The DolarPlus® stores will have also sections with shelves and / or displays (not shown on pictures of this webpage) stocked with cosmetics, health, beauty, hygiene and personal products, fashion jewelry, watches and accessories, T-shirts, gift bags, paper products, stationery and small office supplies, seasonal products (for Christmas, New Year, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother and Father's Day, products for the summer and Halloween), novelties and gadgets, sunglasses and reading glasses, books and tapes, automotive industry additives and accessories as well food products like candies, cookies, cereals, beverages, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits in cans and jars with an extended shelf life.


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