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Please review the following links and information prior to making an investment in the DolarPlus® retail stores. The information is meant to inform you of financial benefits associated with your investment, and the business project that you will help to support. We are committed to reward your trust and support by making your investment one of the best performing investments (dollar per dollar) you have ever made. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require additional information and/or clarification on anything related to us or the DolarPlus® business venture.



Investment Opportunity Prospectus

Types of Investment Certificates

Sample of Silver Investment Certificate

Estimated Total Return on Investment

Estimated Return for Silver Investment Certificate Holder

Estimated Annual Dividends for Silver Investment Certificate Holder

General Overview of DolarPlus® Stores

DolarPlus® Store Locations in Slovakia

DolarPlus® Stores Locations in Central and Eastern EU Countries

Sample Pictures of Future DolarPlus® Stores in Europe_exterior view

Sample Pictures of Future DolarPlus® Stores in Europe_interior view

Disbursement of DolarPlus® Investment Contributions

Ravena International LLC_State of Delaware Corporate Registration

Ravena International LLC_Key Executives

Mission and Vision Statements of Ravena International LLC

Ravena International LLC Banking Information

European Union Registration of DolarPlus® Trademark

European Union Registration of Ravena® Trademark

Our DolarPlus® Mascot Happy "Eddy"

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